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Testimonial Videos

Use a tried and tested production process to produce fantastic customer testimonial videos. A powerful way to demonstrate the impact of your brand/business.

A universal video asset.

Show the real-world results of your product/service.

It can be difficult to convince new customers that what you offer can impact them positively. Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways of proving that your product or service is worth your customers' time, money and energy.

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High-impact. Conversion focused.

Build trust and credibility with potential clients.

Reviews can make or break your company. As of 2022, a staggering 82% of consumers look for online reviews before purchasing from local businesses. Reviews are vital to any business, and video is a far more effective tool than text alone.

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Highlight real people

Highlight the authentic, measurable outcomes achieved by your most successful clients. We offer on-location filming, providing the flexibility to set up a mobile studio at your office or in the comfort of their homes.

Share powerful stories

The majority of consumers make buying decisions driven by a mix of logic and emotion. We can craft a compelling asset that can be seamlessly integrated into your sales process.

Attract ideal clients

Are you finding it challenging to connect with your perfect clients? Utilizing video enables you to establish an instant rapport with your intended audience.

A collection of our work

See real client examples.

Here's a few recent project examples to get a better understanding of what these videos look like.

"Tom was a pleasure to work with in filming and editing video testimonials for my recruitment company, Gigstart. His turnaround was fast and at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend Blue Gorilla Video for any business looking to create video testimonials."

Abraham Bolooki


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Common uses for

Testimonial Videos

We want to ensure you can get the most out of your videos. Here are just a few more ways you can utilise this type of video to see even better results in your business.

  • Improve your sales & marketing
  • Create powerful, shareable content
  • Build trust, empathy and credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Create powerful & effective social ads
  • Showcase powerful before/after examples
  • Reinforce your brand values & beliefs
  • Build a stronger bond with your audience
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Check out what our clients say

Had a great experience working with Tom. Very timely with everything he delivered and even delivered some work over the weekend when it was necessary. Great person to work with as well.
I don’t normally leave reviews but in Tom’s case I feel absolutely compelled. The video quality and production value has been second to none. Tom has been one of the most genuine and professional person you could ask to work with.
He was professional, easy to work with, receptive to feedback, accurate with timelines, and able to translate our vision into compelling content. I would highly recommend working with him!
Shot on-location, on-brand, on-point.

Testimonial Videos

When you work with us, you're not just getting a partner in video, but a partner in marketing and business as well.

We reimagined what a video agency should be to give you the creativity of a big agency—all at super-fast speeds and a fraction of the cost.

Shot 100% on-location.

Our team comes to you. We shoot & edit everything right here in London. No outsourcing required.

Fast. Really fast.

We're built for speed. From concepting and storyboarding, to shooting and editing. You'll get your final assets ASAP.

Always on-brand.

From colours and fonts, to messaging and tone. Your video will fit right in with the rest of your brand experience.

Accessible pricing.

We make high-impact video marketing accessible to all businesses, big or small. No hidden fees, gimmicks or gotcha's.

Complete packages for all businesses.
We offer scaleable production packages to make video accessible to all levels of business - from one-person startups to international orgs.
Starting at
  • 30 sec. → 5 min video asset
  • Multiple sizes (web & social media)
  • Full-day of on-location shooting
  • Pro-level Lighting & Audio
  • Scripting & Storyboarding support
  • MusicGraphics fully licenced
  • 5-step implementation plan
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